This form may be completed and submitted online, or download and print (PDF) and contact the NHCT Secretary on 01661 852523 if you need to send the form by post.

On behalf of the governing body of I claim payment of the grant offered in the Trust's letter of ,
for the amount of £

In support of this claim I am providing the following information.

A copy of the architect's practical completion certificate or equivalent documentation that shows the work has been satisfactorily completed.

A statement of how much has been spent on the work*

Appropriate evidence for the expenditure, such as copies of invoices, receipts, architect's valuation certificates**

Colour photographs showing the building as a whole (external and internal)

More detailed photographs of the parts where the work has been carried out.

Sending Extra Documents

If you would like to provide more photographs or documents than this form accepts, please send these documents and original digital photographs as jpeg files by email to Clearly state the name of your church in any covering email.

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge and that of the governing body, the conditions of the grant *** been met.

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Email (required)

Post Held (required)

Signature (required)

Date (required)

The grant cheque is payable to as the recipient of the grant offer. (Please note that payment cannot be made to individuals, contractors or professional advisers).

* This refers to the cost of the grant aided work, which may not be the total project.

** We do not require invoices for every small item of expenditure, as long as most of the expenditure is accounted for.

*** Select as appropriate, and if necessary include a note explaining which conditions have not been met, and the reasons.