This fascinating and ancient little Church is tucked away just east of the A697 near Wooler. While there are no written records of the Church before 1695, there is evidence of some sort of Anglo-Saxon structure as well as more obvious Norman connections.

The oldest part of the Church is believed to be 12th century. The Church saw much destruction in battle and through the effects of weather over the centuries, but it was eventually restored after each event and is still in use for worship today.

Holy Trinity Old Bewick pic

The Sleeping Lady

In the chancel is an effigy of a lady in 14th century costume – she is thought to be the work of sculptors who had a workshop near Alnwick until about 1340.

Tradition has it that the Manor of Bewick was given by Queen Maud to Tynemouth Priory in 1107, in memory of her royal father Malcolm Canmore , King of Scotland, who was slain in battle at Alnwick in 1093 and buried at Tynemouth.