NHCT logoTo enable us financially to support planned work on churches in our region we rely on generous individuals, parishes and grant making trusts. Over the years we have enjoyed magnificent support from the Sir James Knott Trust and, more recently, its sister charity Samares Investments Limited. This page has a link to enable individuals to donate by JustGiving. Another idea that might appeal to some is to consider leaving a legacy to support our grant making work.

“The Christian Heritage of the North East owes its character not just to the earliest growth of the Northumbrian Church, but to the energy of the Norman Conquest, the zeal of the powerful Catholic monastic orders of the Middle Ages, the Elizabethan Settlement and the strength of Anglicanism, backed later by the wealth of the Industrial Revolution. The variety of historic church building in the region is astonishing and there is a growing appreciation of their value alike to congregations, to the community and to visitors. Most churches and chapels are cared for at local level and many are now being adapted with a new sense of purpose for the benefit of wider community use. More than ever it is important that the fabric of these buildings should be repaired and maintained in good order.

Over many years we have had occasion to recommend to Church clients the support they might find in approaching NHCT for advice and grant. The Trust has been most helpful and even if their grant packages are relatively small the award is often appreciated as an encouraging endorsement. The policy of small but widely distributed grants makes that positive message clear. I see the Trust as a provider of accessible local support and a reassurance to carers that they are doing a responsible job. We hope the Trust prospers.”

Spence and Dower, Architects